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Explanatory Memorandum

China Life Franklin Diversified Income Fund Explanatory Memorandum (Updated on Septermber 2021)

China Life Franklin DIF - EM (no annotations) (Sept 2021).pdf

China Life Franklin Global Fund Explanatory Memorandum (Updated on August 2023)

China Life Franklin Global Fund Prospectus - ENG August 2023.pdf

Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

With bond investment in 20 countries and regions around the world, our bond segregated accounts and bond funds has achieved long term stable return. With equity investment coverage in Hong Kong and US markets, our diversified equity strategies have achieved decent returns.
The pursuit of long-term stable return

The pursuit of long-term stable return

With the time proven internal risk assessment capability and investment experience, we could effectively diversify our investment in multiple countries and industries.
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