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Diversified Strategies

China Life Franklin employs a long-term fundamental investment philosophy. We strive to capture and utilize opportunities and volatilities, to identify value-oriented quality investments to achieve a sustainable growth in assets value for our stakeholders. We swiftly adjust to the evolving market trends by delivering innovations in business model and product selections to meet a diverse range of clients' needs. Our strategies cover absolute return, relative return, event driven, quantitative, multi-asset allocation and trade-based strategies. These diversified strategies enable a wide range of products offering: Private Equity Fund, Public Offered Funds, Segregated Accounts, Cross-border Investment Advisory services etc. 


Overseas fixed income strategy

As one of the largest Chinese institutional investors overseas, China Life Franklin has a strong bargaining power in bond offering and specializes in insurance funds and pension management. Our current portfolio covers numerous countries, regions and industries. Overseas fixed income strategy can be customized for the different needs on risk appetite, regional preferences, bond rating, product duration, volatility, flexibility etc. China Life Franklin  currently manages overseas fixed income strategy products including  private funds, and segregated account, etc. 

Bond mutual fund

Diversified income fund aims to provide relatively stable return with high-liquidity for unit holders by investing in fixed income securities globally (including high yield bond and emerging market debt). Fund portfolio is mainly composed of Chinese and Asian bonds, and supplemented by selected bonds in other countries and regions for risk diversification. Our mutual fund products are regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

Fixed income and equity allocation strategy

This strategy with balanced allocation of debt and equity assets could effectively reduce portfolio volatility and pursues long-term stable returns in the uncertain market. 1) Top-down asset allocation: portfolio building decision is made from robust macroeconomic and strategic research , with monthly in-depth analysis of macroeconomic policies, interest rates trends, market liquidity and valuation levels; 2) bottom-up securities pick: portfolio is composed of quality stocks and bonds selected relying on strong equity/debt research, in line with value investment philosophy, while controlling downside risks, interest rates and credit risks.

Global equity strategy

Following the national competitive advantage theory , we invest in global major equity markets, focusing on their most competitive industries (such as US semiconductor industry), and the portfolio is constructed based on in-depth research and stock-picking in pursuit of better absolute return.

HK equity, US equity absolute return strategy

Following the value investment philosophy, we focus on leading companies in core industries. Portfolio with absolute return strategy pursue compound capital growth by buying quality growth stocks at reasonable price, and holding a relatively concentrated stock basket for longer period. 

HK equity relative return

Tracking specified stock index, sector analysts and fund managers screens and regularly optimizes the portfolio based on in-depth and continuous research  to achieve relative outperformance over the long term. 

HK equity quantitative investment strategy

Based on in-depth research and back testing of various quantitative strategies, our fund manager apply a feasible quantitative strategy for the specified index benchmark, in order to achieve outperformance over the long term. 

Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect investment strategy

Domestic private funds and segregated accounts are set to bridge between mainland China and HK market through the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect. 

QFII/RQFII cross-border investment strategy

This product provides channels to invest in mainland China secondary market for overseas clients. Based on a robust investment strategy, this separate account product aims to achieve long-term stable return with differentiated allocation solutions among markets and products. The account can also invest in fixed income products in the domestic interbank market.

QFLP/QDIE cross-border investment  strategy

China Life Franklin has set up an equity investment fund management subsidiary (wholly-owned) in Shenzhen Qianhai to provide QFLP / QDIE cross-border non-standard products and private equity investment management services for domestic and foreign clients. 

Customized flexible strategy

As per clients' needs, we offer customized investment management and investment advisory services to meet diversified demand of return and risk appetite. Our product is equipped with concise structure adapted to fast changing market conditions and client needs. Meanwhile, various resources were shared in-house, including market research, project information, investment trading etc.

Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

With bond investment in 20 countries and regions around the world, our bond segregated accounts and bond funds has achieved long term stable return. With equity investment coverage in Hong Kong and US markets, our diversified equity strategies have achieved decent returns.
The pursuit of long-term stable return

The pursuit of long-term stable return

With the time proven internal risk assessment capability and investment experience, we could effectively diversify our investment in multiple countries and industries.
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