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Global Fund – Short Term Bond Fund

The company established a publicly offered Global Fund – Short Term Bond Fund in 2020.

The Sub-Fund seeks to achieve a return in excess of U.S. money markets by investing primarily in USD-denominated short-term debt securities.

The Sub-Fund aims to achieve its investment objective by investing at least 70% of its net asset value in USD-denominated short-term fixed income securities including U.S. Treasury securities (including bills), bonds, notes, money market instruments, fixed or floating rate securities issued by governments (including local governments), quasi-government, government agencies, supra-nationals, banks or companies, certificates of deposit, and deposits with credit institutions. The weighted average duration of the Sub-Fund's investments is expected not to exceed 2 years. The Sub-Fund will only invest in investment grade fixed income securities. Investment grade means bearing a credit rating of BBB- and/or Baa3 or equivalent and above from any one of the following internationally recognized credit rating agencies: Standard & Poor's, Moody's or Fitch. In case any such securities are being downgraded to non-investment grade, the Sub-Fund will liquidate such positions within a reasonable period of time, taking due account of the interests of the Unitholders.

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2024-07-18Class A (USD) - USD $ 11.05
2024-07-18Class B - USD $ 11.1845
2024-07-18Class I - USD $ 11.1488
2024-07-18Class A2 (USD) - USD $ 10.6034
2024-07-18Class A2 (HKD) - HKD $ 10.5955
2024-07-18Class A (HKD) - HKD $ 11.0489
2024-07-17Class A (USD) - USD $ 11.049
2024-07-17Class A2 (USD) - USD $ 10.6028
2024-07-17Class B - USD $ 11.1835
2024-07-17Class I - USD $ 11.1478
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3 Years
Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

With bond investment in 20 countries and regions around the world, our bond segregated accounts and bond funds has achieved long term stable return. With equity investment coverage in Hong Kong and US markets, our diversified equity strategies have achieved decent returns.
The pursuit of long-term stable return

The pursuit of long-term stable return

With the time proven internal risk assessment capability and investment experience, we could effectively diversify our investment in multiple countries and industries.
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