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Global Fund - Select High Yield Fund

The company established a publicly offered Global Fund – Select High Yield Bond Fund in 2021.

The Sub-Fund aims to provide a high level of income and capital appreciation over the medium to long term by investing primarily in a portfolio of global fixed income securities (in particular, high yield bonds (i.e. below investment grade and unrated bonds)). The Sub-Fund may invest in assets denominated in currencies other than its base currency (i.e. USD). 

Debt securities (or the issuers of such debt securities) that the Sub-Fund seeks to invest in are across all durations/ratings. The Sub-Fund seeks to invest primarily (i.e. at least 70% of its Net Asset Value) directly in below investment grade corporate debt securities (rated below Moody’s “Baa3” or below Standard & Poor’s “BBB-” or equivalent rating by other internationally recognised rating agencies, or rated AA or below by a Mainland credit rating agency). While these credit ratings provided by the relevant rating agencies serve as a point of reference, the Manager will conduct its own assessment on the credit quality based on various factors, including leverage level, operating margin, return on capital, interest coverage, operating cash flows, industry outlook, competitive position in the market and corporate governance. 

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2024-07-18Class I - USD $ 9.9611
2024-07-17Class I - USD $ 9.9612
2024-07-16Class I - USD $ 9.9582
2024-07-15Class I - USD $ 9.9561
2024-07-12Class I - USD $ 9.9532
2024-07-11Class I - USD $ 9.9427
2024-07-10Class I - USD $ 9.9389
2024-07-09Class I - USD $ 9.9418
2024-07-08Class I - USD $ 9.9397
2024-07-05Class I - USD $ 9.9336
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Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

With bond investment in 20 countries and regions around the world, our bond segregated accounts and bond funds has achieved long term stable return. With equity investment coverage in Hong Kong and US markets, our diversified equity strategies have achieved decent returns.
The pursuit of long-term stable return

The pursuit of long-term stable return

With the time proven internal risk assessment capability and investment experience, we could effectively diversify our investment in multiple countries and industries.
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