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The first insurance-background joint ventured asset management in Hong Kong 

Under the umbrella of China Life Insurance and Franklin Templeton Strategic Investment, the Company was founded in January 2007, as the first sino-overseas insurance background joint ventured asset manager in Hong Kong. The Company was regarded as a pioneer in China's insurance industry focusing on global investment.

With strong support from China Life Insurance Group and its subsidiaries, the Company was seen as a vanguard of China Life's globalization strategy. During the past decade, the Company have accumulated extensive experience in international investment and global asset allocation, built up an internationally competitive investment team. We have developed long-term value-oriented investment philosophy, and supported insurance business development through solid asset management.


The largest AUM among mainland-funded asset managers in Hong Kong 

Despite several financial crises over the past years, China Life Franklin is trusted to provide long term value creation on behalf of clients, with AUM growing rapidly at the Compound Annual Growth Rate over 30%. By December 2020, the Company's AUM exceeded HKD275 billion, ranked the first among Chinese-funded asset managers in Hong Kong. In addition to entrusted funds management business, the Company has been vastly expanding its third-party business since 2012, and the increasing amount of AUM is a great testimony to proof our investment capability. At present, the Company's third-party business contributes nearly 50% of total revenue. 


Development Path of China Life Franklin Asset Management

Strong support from shareholders: China Life Asset Management, Franklin Templeton Investment, and China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company.



China Life Franklin celebrated its 10th anniversary

China Life Franklin celebrated its 10th anniversary

In 2017, China Life Franklin Asset Management celebrated its 10th anniversary, and embarked a new journey. Our company will seize the opportunity in global asset management era, and grow into a world class asset management institution.
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