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Diversified income public offering fund    

The company established a publicly offered Diversified Income fund in 2014. The investment objective of this publicly offered fund is to achieve high level of current income, and to provide a relatively stable capital appreciation for unit holders through investing in global fixed income securities (including high-yield bonds and emerging market debt). The fund's portfolio comprises of Chinese and Asian bonds, and selectively invest in other countries and regions to spread risk. For further details, please refer to the offering documents (which can be downloaded from the below data download sction). The public offering fund is authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission of the Hong Kong (SFC), however SFC authorization is not a recommendation or endorsement of the fund nor does it guarantee the commercial merits of the fund or their performance.

Investment involves risks, and the value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up. Past performance does not represent future performance. Investors should read the offering documents carefully to obtain further details, including risk factors.

Diversified Income Public Offering Fund Info Download
2021-10-20USD Class 1 - USD$ 9.7603
2021-10-20USD Class 2 - USD$ 9.7543
2021-10-20HKD$ 13.1213
2021-10-19USD Class 1 - USD$ 9.7552
2021-10-19USD Class 2 - USD$ 9.7491
2021-10-19HKD$ 13.1175
2021-10-18HKD$ 13.0951
2021-10-18USD Class 2 - USD$ 9.7294
2021-10-18USD Class 1 - USD$ 9.7354
2021-10-15USD Class 2 - USD$ 9.7014
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3 Years
Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

Multi-asset, multi-market, multi-field investment

With bond investment in 20 countries and regions around the world, our bond segregated accounts and bond funds has achieved long term stable return. With equity investment coverage in Hong Kong and US markets, our diversified equity strategies have achieved decent returns.
The pursuit of long-term stable return

The pursuit of long-term stable return

With the time proven internal risk assessment capability and investment experience, we could effectively diversify our investment in multiple countries and industries.
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