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Professional investment and research team

China Life Franklin has an outstanding investment research team. Equity analysts, with on average 10+ years of industry expertise, offer investment analysis based on in-depth research coverage on Hong Kong and US market. Portfolio managers, with years of fund management experience and 16+ years of industry expertise in Hong Kong equity market, offer exceptional long-term investment returns and is recognized by multiple industry awards.

Bond managers have on average 15+ years of industry experience. Through long term insurance fund management, the Company has developed strong asset allocation and trading capability in domestic and global fixed income market, our strong negotiation power is also an advantage.

Rigorous investment management system

With value investment as the core of investment philosophy, the Company strives to deliver long-term stable return through rigorous investment research system. Top-down and bottom-up approach, fundamental and quantitative methods serve as our core research strategy and investment framework across asset class and markets. We apply both long-term asset allocation strategy and tactical investment strategy in stock selection process. 

Long-term stable investment return

For over several years since its foundation as one of the first domestic insurance investment institutions overseas, the Company has delivered exceptional investment returns to its clients, and firmly supported the internationalization progress of China's insurance industry. Meanwhile, the Company vigorously developed third-party business, and delivered long term stable return for all types of quality clients. Its publicly offered Diversified Income Fund has earned universal recognition with exceptional return since its inception in 2014. The fund size exceeded HKD12 billion as of the end of December 2020. Our private funds and separate account products also attracted increasing mandates attracted by our long term stable return profile. 

Based in Hong Kong, investing globally

After years of development, China Life Franklin not only set a firm foothold in Hong Kong market, but also developed global investment capabilities. As of the end of December 2020, the Company has managed over HKD240 billion bond investment with targets covered over 20 countries and regions, growing to be one of the largest institutional investors in Hong Kong bond market. The Company is managing HKD30 billion in equity investment in HK and US.

Strong pricing power in bond market as one of the largest institutional investors

After years of growth, China Life Franklin is currently managing over HKD275 billion assets (data as of the end of December 2020), ranked one of the largest among Chinese-funded asset managers in Hong Kong. With HKD240 billion of entrusted bond assets (data as of the end of December 2020), the Company has strong negotiation power in market pricing. With its research and investment advantages, the Company is one of the prioritized institutions for anchor investors for IPOs and debt offerings in HK. 

Comprehensive risk management system

China Life Franklin follows prudent principle consistently in capital utilization and investment management. Risk Management Committee carry out dynamic risk monitoring and comprehensive risk management covering the entire investment process. For market risk management, quantitative investment analysis system is adopted to resolve and control investment portfolio risks. For credit risk management, an internal credit risk assessment and tracking system is established. For compliance risk management, a comprehensive investment control module is set up in the investment management system to ensure compliant operation. 

China Life Franklin celebrated its 10th anniversary

China Life Franklin celebrated its 10th anniversary

In 2017, China Life Franklin Asset Management celebrated its 10th anniversary, and embarked a new journey. Our company will seize the opportunity in global asset management era, and grow into a world class asset management institution.
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