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Another Industry Award for China Life Franklin

Source:China Life Franklin | 3rd Aug 2017 | Hits:

After winning the second place in the Asset Benchmark Research "Top five investment houses in Asian local currency bonds for 2017”, China Life Franklin Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Life Franklin") was recognized another award. Peter Lee, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at China Life Franklin, was named by the Asset as “The most Astute Investors in Asian local currency bonds for 2017". Rodney Lam, another Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at the Company, ranked ninth.

Mr. Peter Lee, graduated from ESSEC Business School in France, joined the Company as a Senior Fixed Income manager in 2014. He is a license holder of SFC Type 4 and Type 9 license. Before joining the Company, he worked as a fund manager in a number of well-known investment institutions, and has accumulated over 13 years of experience in fixed income investment in Europe and Asia. Mr. Lee is particularly experienced in managing funds for institutional investors and family offices, and pursuing absolute returns through corporate bonds, interest rate, currency strategies and instruments.

In China Life Franklin, Mr. Lee mainly manages third-party funds with over USD1.5 billion AUM. The Diversified Income Fund he managed has achieved stable net asset value growth over the past two years, which is highly recognized by a growing figure of investors, and its single-fund AUM exceeds USD500 million. 

In June 2017, the Company made a breakthrough of HKD200 billion AUM, ranking first among Chinese-background asset managers in Hong Kong. With over HKD150 billion bond investment covering over 20 countries and regions globally, the Company is one of the most influential institutional investors in the Asian credit market.

The highly professional fixed income team in the Company guarantees a competitive advantage in Hong Kong market. Bond managers have on average 15+ years of industry experience, and they have delivered an exceptional investment return and are recognized by multiple awards.

China Life Franklin winning two awards consecutively shows that the its fixed income investment business is widely recognized by financial institutions and financial medias.



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China Life Franklin hosted a grand celebration on its tenth anniversary

China Life Franklin hosted a grand celebration on its tenth anniversary

Over 200 representatives from major financial institutions, key clients and partners in Hong Kong attended the ceremony, and witnessed this important moment.
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